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Life Force Fitness represents our affinity for supporting and guiding individuals to achieve their health & fitness goals.



As part of my career path in the London Fire Brigade I was invited to work as a London Fire Brigade Physical Training Instructor. My role included: Designing Training Programmes, Nutrition Lectures, Motivational Lectures for firefighter recruits.

Further Career Accomplishments and Skills:

Worked alongside physiotherapists to design rehabilitation programmes for fire fighters recovering from injury.

Designed a leadership development programmes for Senior Fire Officers.

Supported the development of those with disabilities and as a Sports Development Coach in the Community.

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How to Transform Your Body Shape
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The aim of Life Force Fitness is to help our clients to not only transform their body shape but to also establish a better understanding and education around the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.
Life Force Fitness online Personal Training. Our philosophy on life is: To live each day to its full potential Call 07960125551 today

This includes: the importance of consistently eating energy giving foods, being comfortable in having a guilt free cheat day, stress management, fitting training into family, work and social life.

Areas Covered

  • Life Force Fitnes’s philosophy champions treating the whole person, not just the flavour of the month body part.
  • My programme covers:
  • Nutrition
  • Detox
  • Posture Assessment
  • Exercise Programme
  • Accountability Review

The Benefits:

  1. Time Saving
  2. Good Value
  3. No one else to judge
  4. No one to hog the equipment
  5. Flexible
  6. Accountability
  7. Upskilling
  8. Monitoring Progress

At Life Force Fitness, we ensure all our clients are set clear and realistic goals which are based on achievable and realistic time frames. The programme is accompanied by a plan of action which focuses on maintaining the training regime, even when extra demands in life may interrupt the clients usual routine.

Life Force Fitness online Personal Training. Our philosophy on life is: To live each day to its full potential Call 07960125551 today

In our experience we have found that some clients tend to lose their motivation when something out of the blue takes priority. At Life Force Fitness we have a system that helps to support my clients through those challenging times.  Our mission is to provide you, yes YOU with the UK’s highest quality Online Personal Training / Online Coaching service and transform both your body and mind in the most efficient way.

We now offer Online Health and Fitness Services